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Video Squadron: Gamerman Chapter 7
Title: The Blasting Attack
Over at the arcade, Randy was playing a game of Squadron Stronghold 4.
Randy: EGH. Why won't this guy die? (His character gets headshot) Aww. It's game over for me. :(
William: Maybe you should try playing a different class, Randy.
Randy: A different class?
William: Yeah. I think that using that harder mode may not be a good idea. I suggest you try an easier mode.
Randy: Easy mode? Not my cup of tea, but OK. I'll try it out.
Randy started the game up again and set it to easy mode. Meanwhile at the ship, Dr. Squeak was going through a book that he had. He figured it would help him to think up an idea for the next monster to send down.
Dr. Squeak: Ah. This one should do. (The book he's holding shows something that resembles TF2 Scout)
Dr. Squeak went over to the computer and began designing the new monster. Soon, the monster was created.
Dr. Squeak: There we go. My newest creation. These guys were meant to be scout drones in a game, but they got rejected becaus
:iconeli-j-brony:Eli-J-Brony 1 3
Did You Read the Sign, Renae? by Eli-J-Brony Did You Read the Sign, Renae? :iconeli-j-brony:Eli-J-Brony 14 16
TUFF Agents Season 6: Episode 3
Title: Hayai's Birthday Party
It was Valentines Day once again, and of course that also meant that it was my birthday. I was at my house that morning getting ready to go to TUFF for the day, but before that, I got out a package that was sent to me by my parents.
Renae: What do you have there, Dad?
Eli: It's a package from your grandma and grandpa to me, Renae. They sent me a birthday present and I chose to wait until today to open it up.
Renae: I wonder what they had sent to you?
Eli: Well your Grandma did ask me what I wanted for my birthday and I wasn't quite sure at first, but then I had an idea. Anyway, time to open it up.
Renae: Can I cut it open, Dad?
Eli: Sure if you want.
Renae used her claw to cut the tape open. Then I opened up the box. I put my hand in the box and first pulled out a DVD case.
Eli: Ah, just what I asked for.
Renae: What is it, Dad?
Eli: It's Gosei Sentai: Dairanger. It's the Japanese source material for the second season of Power Rangers. I figured I could as
:iconeli-j-brony:Eli-J-Brony 1 2
My Little Pony: Portals Are Magic Season 5 Ep1
Title: Starlight and Trixie's Camping Trip
Starlight had just finished with an epic adventure. She traveled across dimension after dimension along with Twilight and Brandon to search for the seven Chaos Emeralds from Mobius. After they had gotten done and had given the Sapphire of Imagination the ability to speak, Starlight went ahead to plan her weekend with her best friend, Trixie. They were going to go camping.
Trixie: So, you really traveled across all those dimensions with Twilight and Brandon?
Starlight: Yeah. And we didn't even use a mirror portal like we use to go to Petropolis sometimes. Brandon really knows how to travel.
Trixie: I had heard so much about this Bionicle thing from Eli. And after all the stories about it I've learned about, I think my favorite character would be that blue Toa that can control water. There's just something about her that reminds me of me.
Starlight: I wonder what that could be? Anyway. Are you ready for our camping trip?
Trixie: Sure am.
They ha
:iconeli-j-brony:Eli-J-Brony 2 3
The Dimensional Chaos Emerald Quest Part 3
Brandon began to rest after his last test.
Twilight: How long will that take?
Ekimu: There is no time limit to the tests.
Twilight: I meant for Brandon to heal.
Ekimu: I am aware of that. He must take as much time as he needs to heal.
Starlight: I just hope that doesn't take too long.
About an hour later...
Starlight: Are you all better now, Brandon?
Twilight: Last number of times you asked that, the answer was no.
Brandon: This time, it's actually yes.
Starlight: Finally.
Ekimu: Now, you must go to the Region of Jungle.
Later at the jungle.
Twilight: Well, here we are.
Vizuna: (Comes up to them) Welcome, Brandon. For my part of the test, you must swing through the tallest trees.
Brandon: (Looks up and gulps)
Twilight: I'm sure you'll do just fine, Brandon.
Brandon: (Climbing the tallest tree) I hate heights! (A zoom out reveals that he had only gone up a few inches)
Vizuna: You're not far enough.
Brandon: (Climbs slowly)
Starlight: Can't you go any faster?
Brandon: I’m trying, o
:iconeli-j-brony:Eli-J-Brony 0 3
Tank, Frank, and Mauler by Eli-J-Brony Tank, Frank, and Mauler :iconeli-j-brony:Eli-J-Brony 3 4 Braeburn and Orange Swirl by Eli-J-Brony Braeburn and Orange Swirl :iconeli-j-brony:Eli-J-Brony 7 1 We Can't Change Who We Are by Eli-J-Brony We Can't Change Who We Are :iconeli-j-brony:Eli-J-Brony 11 4 Speckles Gives A Thumbs Up by Eli-J-Brony Speckles Gives A Thumbs Up :iconeli-j-brony:Eli-J-Brony 7 0 I Got Dairanger On DVD by Eli-J-Brony I Got Dairanger On DVD :iconeli-j-brony:Eli-J-Brony 3 2 Jake and Justin by Eli-J-Brony Jake and Justin :iconeli-j-brony:Eli-J-Brony 4 10
Video Squadron: Gamerman Chapter 6
Title: The Boxing Match
Ash and William were playing a boxing game at the arcade one day when they were on break.
Ash: Ooh. Come on. Come on. No.
William: Haha. I got you.
Ash: I want to go again.
William: But we've done this for like 6 times already.
Ash: And I haven't won even one. You always beat me.
William: I'm just a really good player.
Ash: Yeah, well I want to play against somebody else. (Sees Jake and Justin) No, not them. (Sees Randy) Hey, Randy, want to play this boxing game with me?
Randy: I thought you were playing with William.
Ash: He keeps beating me and I was wondering if I could play with someone else.
William: What's wrong with playing against me?
Ash: As I said, you always beat me.
Randy: Maybe you just need some practice, Ash. Why don't you play the game on single player mode?
Ash: I suppose I could.
William: I've gotten a bit tired after a while from playing. So you knock yourself out, Ash. Get it? Knock yourself out?
Ash: I'll be sure not to get myself knocked ou
:iconeli-j-brony:Eli-J-Brony 1 9
Boxer Croxer by Eli-J-Brony Boxer Croxer :iconeli-j-brony:Eli-J-Brony 4 5 CSMM: Birdbrain as Skull Keeta by Eli-J-Brony CSMM: Birdbrain as Skull Keeta :iconeli-j-brony:Eli-J-Brony 4 5 CSMM: Aaron as Poe Collector by Eli-J-Brony CSMM: Aaron as Poe Collector :iconeli-j-brony:Eli-J-Brony 5 3 Cheer Bunnies Wish Eli A Happy Birthday by Eli-J-Brony Cheer Bunnies Wish Eli A Happy Birthday :iconeli-j-brony:Eli-J-Brony 18 39

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Eli J. Brown
United States
I'm a guy who likes Thomas the Tank Engine, Sonic the Hedgehog, TUFF Puppy, Bionicle, Hero Factory, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, and video games.


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Alright. Nine episodes already. Just four more to go. :D


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