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I can't believe this sort of thing is happening. Toys R Us was one of the best toys stores to ever exist. Sad as it may be, where I live, there is no Toys R Us store. There are a couple of abandoned buildings that were closed down for one reason or another in my city, but none of them had been torn down or made into anything new. I kept saying that there should be a Toys R Us be built into one of those stores.

I'd support Toys R Us if I could, but there are no Toys R Us stores in the city that I live in. The closest one there is is very far out of my city. So there's nothing I can do about it. :(

As far as I know, the Toys R Us stores are shutting down because of how little buyers there are nowadays and how people are shopping online now. While I can see how that can be a problem, I'd like to point out that there are some things you can buy online that you can't buy anywhere else.

So that's what I have to say about it.
I can get to my Stash alright, but it keeps doing this loading this, and while I can click on individual pictures on the front page, it won't let me get into any folders. Nor will it let me get to Stash writer. I want to know if this is a problem everybody is having or if it is just me. If it is just me, do you know how I can get rid of the problem?

Update: Never mind, the problem went away.
I think I've had this problem since yesterday. I first had a problem with Windows Movie Maker sometimes not reopening after I close it due to it freezing for no reason. It used to reopen again most of the time after closing it, but now it's not reopening at all. When I reboot my laptop, it then works. But now, it's making it so that I can't reopen Windows Movie Maker after closing it. So right now, the only solution that I have to get Windows Movie Maker to open up again is by rebooting my laptop. Please, if you know of an alternative, leave a comment letting me know. I can't keep shutting my laptop down every single time I want to make a movie. I have issues with getting it to reboot sometimes. Not always, but sometimes.
Well guys, I have received some more Kyuranger figures in the mail, but there's a problem. My Tenbin Gold and Hebitsukai Silver figures are the wrong ones. There's this series I believe called Hero Series which are much smaller. I also noticed that the Sasori Oranger figure I ordered also has "Hero Series" in it's name, so it may look like I'll have to try again at buying these figures. I've already made a new order for Tenbin Gold and Hebitsukai Silver to make sure I get the Vinyl figures like I was expecting and I'll be sure to check in the future to make sure I get the Vinyl figures. I was afraid that something like this was going to happen, but I guess buyers should be aware.

Anyway, I do have a plan for the wrong-sized figures, but that's personal. I'll wait until my Sasori Orange figure arrives to see if it is the same smaller figure or the right size before buying another one.
Hey guys. I had thought a long time about what I could do with my Share A Story Movie idea from years ago, and after much thinking, I deciding to make it into a two part Gamerman story. Now I don't plan on releasing this story anytime soon. Might be later in the series after the Sixth Ranger is introduced. Now the story originally was going to start with a boat, a food stand, friendly ghosts, a forest, a train station, and then a villain's hideout. Well, I decided that the boat, ghosts, and villain's hideout will be cut out and the latter will be replaced with something secret that the Gamermen have to find. What is that? I won't give anything about it away now, you'll just have to wait a see what they are.

The reason I decided to cut out the boat and ghosts part is because the land they are adventuring is now going to be just outside the city. So they won't need to take a boat. Also, ghosts? I think that's pointless to have some ghosts come down and encourage our heroes, isn't it? So I'm leaving those out.

With this change, now there will only be five heroes instead of the original 14. But hey, that's just nine off.

That's the end of the series. There are no more TUGS episodes left to parody. I've done all 13 that ever came out.
ThumbsUpMaster on YouTube featured a comment I posted in his latest Breegull Mail video.

Will Kazooie really be in Wreck-It Ralph 2? In November, we'll find out.
If anyone wishes to follow my Twitter, they can here:

Alright. Nine episodes already. Just four more to go. :D

I've made this video as I hope it can be a step in getting Beast Morpher's successor to be an adaptation to Kyuranger. I don't have any issues if they also decide to adapt ToQger or ZyuOhger, but I think they should do Kyuranger before those two.

Hey guys, I just thought I'd write this journal to let you know of a solution to the Kyuranger hold off for Power Rangers. Now, this has nothing to do with the show however, and it isn't suppose to be an adaptation to Kyuranger into Super Animal Squadron, since as I said, it would be too hard to adapt any Super Sentai into Super Animal Squadron, and considering that the skipped seasons now have a chance of being adapted, it's best that I don't do those anyway.

But anyway, now to the point. I had wanted to get figures of the PR adapted version of the Kyurangers, such as when Kyuranger gets adapted and the figures are released in America, I could get them as collectables, but since that may not happen for at least two years, I instead decided to get the Kyuranger figures from ebay sellers in Japan. At the moment, I've chosen to just get Red, Blue, Green, Pink, and Yellow. I don't want to spend so much money at once. So I've chose to purchase the five Kyuranger with the standard colors first. Although I've purchased five figures from four different sellers because I wanted to get them as cheap as possible, so I just bought the cheapest I could find, which resulted in getting them from four different sellers. So in this case, I've gotten two from one seller and one each from three other sellers, and considering that they're shipping from Japan to America, It'll probably be around the start of March before any of them arrive. And what's fortunate is that most of them are free shipping. The only one I got that didn't come with free shipping was Ookami Blue, but shipping on that one was just about three dollars.

When I get the rest of them will be sometime after the first five arrive. So I hope this is a pretty good solution and I am glad that I am able to get Sentai action figures for cheap, even though I live in America.
I've decided to just forget about it and to just let whatever happens happen. Although if you want to convince them to change their minds, that's up to you. But I think I'll just let it slide and hopefully we'll get Kyuranger after Go-Busters unless they decide to adapt ToQger and ZyuOhger, too. Making the wait be longer.
Seriously guys. I don't want to offend anybody, but I think adapting Go-Busters is a bad idea. Why? As far as I know, the reason it wasn't adapted in 2015 was because Neo-Saban feared it would do poorly as far as the costumes go. In fact, I think I saw in a video that one reason it was skipped over was because there wasn't enough fight footage of the rangers in costume. Kyuranger was the number 1 candidate to be the 2019 Power Rangers series, but instead of adapting it like they should have, they're taking a giant step backwards and adapting Go-Busters instead. I will tell you adapting Go-Busters, at least immediately after Super Ninja Steel may risk the show on permanently getting canceled, and then a Kyuranger adaptation may never be possible. I had been looking forward to seeing them announce Kyuranger would be adapted, but instead, I'm given disappointment once again.

Now the question I have is, is it possible to convince them to reconsider dropping the Go-Busters adaptation at least until another time and convince them to bring Kyuranger for 2019? I honestly think that that is not possible, but I do remember that they had listened to fans before when Tommy was being written out of the show and fans wanted him back. Originally, Tommy was meant to be taken out forever after "The Green Candle" and then again after "Green No More", but fan letters convinced them to bring him back as the White Ranger, so if they listened to our Tommy demands back then, will they listen to our Kyuranger demands now? I really hope that is possible.

I also heard from someone that Hasbro, that's doing the new toylines, is forcing them to adapt Go-Busters. If that is the case, Neo-Saban needs to say "You're not the boss of us!" to them. Kyuranger would do better in toy sales and I predict Go-Busters would do poorly.

If it turns out this Go-Busters adaption announce is just an early April Fools joke, that will be great, but if it isn't, I sure hope we can get them to change their minds. If we can get them to change their minds, how will we do it? I'm going to let you know that I am not going to be making a petition about it because those never work and likely by the time it gets enough signatures, it'll already be time to bring out the Go-Busters season. So we got about a year to convince them to cancel the Go-Busters adaption and do a Kyuranger one instead. Is that possible, I would hope that it would, but I have my doubts.

As I said, if you actually want a Go-Busters adaptation, I mean no offense to you and maybe you'll get lucky and this happens, but I bet most people wanted Kyuranger next and I don't want to have to wait at least two more years for one to come out, it'll be like it'll never come out. So please, Neo-Saban. Reconsider what season to adapt. :pray:

#NoBustersFor2019 #AdaptKyurangerIn2019
Guys, I was certain that Kyuranger was getting adapted next, but apparently, I think Go-Busters is next.

I am not kidding, I think the next series is going to be called Beast Morphers. I was certain Kyuranger was confirmed to be next. Looks like I'll have to wait a little longer for that. I am so disappointed though because not even 1% of me even thought at this point that Go-Busters would get the adaptation instead.

But it looks like Go-Busters is next. :facepalm:
Hey guys, I think I found some source that announces that Saban will be adapting Uchu Sentai: Kyuranger into their next Power Rangers series. So once again, a Sentai season was skipped over. But I'm not too sad that ZyuOhger was skipped over, I was really hoping for Kyuranger because of all it has to offer. Now I am going to discuss my predictions on what the adaptation will be like.

I would predict that much like in Kyuranger, this season of Power Rangers will only have five rangers in the first episode. These being Red, Blue, Yellow, Black, and Green. I'm guessing that Red, Yellow, and Green will be teenagers who are in high school while the Blue Ranger and Black Ranger will both be reusing their Sentai counterparts' costumes. Pretty much a repeat of Zenowing in Dino Charge. I also predict the same will go for the Pink and Gold Rangers as well. As for the Orange and Silver Rangers, I predict they will both be human, but not humans from Earth, I expect Red, Green and Yellow to be humans from Earth.

As for the other rangers, I'm guessing the Purple Ranger will probably be a dragon like he was in Kyuranger. Whether or not the same costume will be used is not known. The Aqua Ranger (I assume he'll be called Aqua Ranger since James in Dino Charge was called that) will be a child, first time in Power Rangers since Justin that we've had a child ranger. But if that bothers you, get over it. I'm sure it's going to work out. And then for that last one. Another Red Ranger. I know that Eric in Time Force was called the Quantum Ranger, so this ranger may not be refereed to by color.

And one more prediction I have, they're going to make their own main villain like they did with Sledge in Dino Charge.

Now I'm halfway through the series.