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Hey guys, I'm currently trying to figure out how to get a custom model into Garry's Mod that is not one from the workshop, but I am not able to find a good enough video on how to do it. I came across one video, and I tried following the steps, but at some point, the video showed a folder that should be somewhere where it isn't. If anyone out there knows how I can get these ponies into Garry's Mod. New addition to the Elements of Harmony G-mod [DL] by Snowcat93
As for creating my own models, I'm still struggling to figure that out as well. I know there is a way, it's just a matter of figuring it out. This is a learning process I have, but I want to see if I can get existing custom models into Garry's Mod when they aren't available in the workshop. So if you know how I can do it, please leave a comment letting me know.

Update: As far as I know, after I open a file I've downloaded, I'm suppose to click on "Program Files (x86)" and then click on "Steam". Well, when I do, "Steam" is not showing up. Don't believe me? Take a look at this screenshot.
After Clicking Program Files (x86) by Eli-J-Brony
Is there something I'm missing here? If Steam is suppose to be somewhere within this folder, I'd like to know why it isn't. Unless I can figure out why it's not showing up, I won't be able to use these models. So if you know what the problem is, please let me know.
Is anyone else having trouble with YouTube right now? For me, I get the monkeys error message thing and I haven't seen anyone else talk about it yet. I think it just happened. I want to know if this is a problem everybody is having or if it's just me.

Update: It's fixed.
I downloaded this game back in 2014 since I saw some of my friends had, but unfortunately, the game was not working properly due to my computers not having enough memory. That problem is fixed now since I got a new desktop and have been able to play Yooka-Laylee and Garry's Mod. I just got Garry's Mod installed into my computer. Now something that I wanted to do for this was to import models such as characters from My Little Pony and Banjo-Kazooie. So if any of you guys would like to tell me on how I can import such objects into Garry's Mod, that would be great.
Coming tomorrow. The Gamermen, and the Medievalgers, are teaming up. When an army of spider babies arrive in Brooklyn carrying some cocoons, the cyber villains take the cocoons away, hoping to use them for their own use. This special will feature new monsters, misunderstandings,

And a twist you won't believe.

Lord Wiz: Guess who's back!
Hey guys, I had thought a while about writing a letter to Hasbro asking them about adapting Uchu Sentai: Kyuranger, but I thought I'd let you guys look this over as let me know what I should say. Here's what I'm thinking I could say in such a letter.

"Dear Hasbro, I had been a fan of Power Rangers for a long time and I also am very interested in the 2017 Super Sentai series, Uchu Sentai: Kyuranger. So many people were expecting this to be the next Sentai to be adapted after Power Rangers: Super Ninja Steel, and I was really disappointed when it was announced that Tokumei Sentai: Go-Busters was announced to be adapted instead. Is there a possibility that Kyuranger will be the next adapted season after Beast Morphers? Have you even decided on what's to come after Beast Morphers? If you haven't decided on adapting Kyuranger at any point in time, is there any part I can play in getting Uchu Sentai: Kyuranger adapted as the immediate successor to Beast Morphers? Are there any obstacles in adapting Kyuranger? If more people write and ask for a Kyuranger adaptation, will you do it? I would like to see Kyuranger in Power Rangers at some point in the near future and I would like to know what I can do to make such an adaptation possible. I would really appreciate it if we get Kyuranger adapted as soon as Beast Morphers has concluded. I am also aware that there is also ToQger and ZyuOhger that has not been adapted, but I will say that once Kyuranger gets adapted, I won't care what Sentai you adapt next and I won't care what order you do them in, but I would like to see Kyuranger adapted at the earliest time possible. Thank you for taking your time to read this."

So what do you think? Is this good?
Thomas & Friends:
Farmer Finley
King Godred
Male Aeroplane
Mobile Classroom
Mr. Arkwright
Tom Tipper

Bell Buoy
Coast Guard
Coast Guard’s Messenger
Fire Tug
Fuel Depot
Garbage Master
Goods Engine
Green-Eyed Pirates (Two Available)
Jack the Grappler
Johnny Cuba
Little Ditcher
Mighty Mo
Old Rusty
Quarry Master
S. S. Vienna
Scuttlebutt Pete
Sea Rouge’s Uncle

Brown Harrison
Purple Dunbar
Speedy McAllister
For New Engine Slideshow fans, here you go.

I have just gathered the images for the Star Tugs from Thomas' Sister Show, TUGS. I'm still currently working on New Engines 66, but I should have that done sometime next week. I'm not sure. But anyway, if anybody is interested in having their username be used for a Star Tugs Character, all are available right now.
I am currently working on pictures for New Engines Episode 66. This episode will bring in characters from Felix Cheng's 7th and 8th episodes of his New Engine Slideshow series, but I will also bring in new characters as well. I am also wondering about certain characters in Felix Cheng's later episodes. Those being ones based on characters from PBS shows. At the time, I was into PBS and I asked him to do quite a number of requests based on those shows and overtime, he then made a statement that he was no longer into PBS, and I kind of feel a bit guilty about making these requests back then and am wondering if these characters should be skipped over. But I want to know what you fans think. Should I skip over the PBS characters or include them anyway?

As for KTTE 26, this episode does plan on bringing in TUGS and Chuggington, I'll show update the list of available characters for them so that if you're interested, you can pick any of those characters as long as they're available on the list.

I'm not sure as to how soon either video will be up, but I have been working on some pictures today. So maybe later this week. We'll just have to see.
I just now heard the news, and I am actually excited about this. At the moment, I've decided to purchase Sentai DVDs up to Gingaman and I also plan on getting Kyoryuger and Kyuranger whenever they get released, and I'm currently watching Carranger on DVD throughout the month of May. But this news that Jetman is getting an American release just wowed me. I'm thinking that when it gets released in September, I may order it after I've finished watching through Gingaman.
Yes, I've been having this issue, too. I responded to two notes a friend sent to me, but it wasn't until after sending them that I saw they were blank, no thanks to this stupid glitch. So I can't continue those RPs until this glitch goes away. :X

Update: It's fixed.
Hey guys, I just wanted you to know that on April 25th, Renae, my Sonic dragon OC, is going to be having her birthday. If you want to do some fan art of her for this occasion you can. If you need to know what she looks like, here is some art of her already made.

Renae: My New Dragon Sidekick by Eli-J-Brony Eli-Renae: New Partners by Eli-J-Brony I Give Renae My Old Dragon Doll by Eli-J-Brony Happy Birthday, Renae by Eli-J-Brony Renae and Ember by Eli-J-Brony Renae and Hayai by Eli-J-Brony Happy New Year 2017 by Eli-J-Brony Independence Day 2017 by Eli-J-Brony Twilight Gives Eli Wings by Eli-J-Brony Starlight's Gift for Renae by Eli-J-Brony Trixie's Gift for Renae by Eli-J-Brony Hayai, Renae, and Eli's Group Hug by Eli-J-Brony Renae's Spooky Story by Eli-J-Brony Eli, Hayai, and Renae Happy Holidays by Eli-J-Brony Cheer Bunnies and Qittaswell Calendar Picture 5 by Eli-J-Brony Did You Read the Sign, Renae? by Eli-J-Brony

While Renae originates from the Sonic the Hedgehog universe, you can do fan-art of her in Sonic art, TUFF Puppy art, or My Little Pony art. Some recommendations you can do would include her interacting with the Young Six in Season 8 of My Little Pony and also some of her interacting with the Cheer Bunnies. I'm interested to see what you come up with for the little red dragon.

Might not be an official movie, but it is a great sequel to The Adventure Begins. I recommend it.
For this episode, I asked what Kazooie's thoughts were about the relationship between Eli the Hedgehog and Renae the Dragon.

Also, I don't know if you already knew this, but Callewis2, you're in this, too! :D
For those who are wondering when the next episode of Kuno the Tank Engine is, I think I might be able to get it up sometime in April. For episode 25, we're going to be including characters from the "Friends of Thomas" event. If you don't know what that is, here's a link to the article in question:…

I think that this episode will feature those characters as well as what is left of the Mountain Railway Engines, so if there are any characters from that event you are interesting in having your username be used for, do let me know. As I had said previously, this isn't a series that you have to voice in. I'm a pointing this out because lots of people assumed that they had to do voices for the series, but it's actually just a series of engines that have YouTube usernames. So there is no voice acting involved. I'm sure some of you already knew that, but for those who didn't, I'm telling you this now.

For right now, only Goldie the Locomotive is taken. I may wait a couple days or weeks for people to leave a comment and then get things ready for the episode release.

As for the Big World Big Adventures characters, I'm thinking they will appear in Episode 26, once more images of them have been released.
I just thought I'd give a list of monsters I have planned for Video Squadron: Gamerman. As for how soon I'll bring them out, I do not know, but anyway, here is what's planned.

Nightmoon - A moon-themed monster that has a singing power that will make whoever hears it fall asleep.

Picture Hound - A half-dog, half-camera monster that takes pictures of people and makes evil clones from them.

Pizza Martian - A pizza and martian themed monster that can control anyone who eats his pizzas.

Hipster Rapster - A rapping monster that talks in rhymes (Similar to Pumpkin Rapper).

Para Flea -A flea-like monster that can get inside one's body and take control over them from anywhere inside the body. Not just the brain.

So tell me what you guys thing of these ideas and feel free to suggest story lines for them if you like.
I can't believe this sort of thing is happening. Toys R Us was one of the best toys stores to ever exist. Sad as it may be, where I live, there is no Toys R Us store. There are a couple of abandoned buildings that were closed down for one reason or another in my city, but none of them had been torn down or made into anything new. I kept saying that there should be a Toys R Us be built into one of those stores.

I'd support Toys R Us if I could, but there are no Toys R Us stores in the city that I live in. The closest one there is is very far out of my city. So there's nothing I can do about it. :(

As far as I know, the Toys R Us stores are shutting down because of how little buyers there are nowadays and how people are shopping online now. While I can see how that can be a problem, I'd like to point out that there are some things you can buy online that you can't buy anywhere else.

So that's what I have to say about it.
I can get to my Stash alright, but it keeps doing this loading this, and while I can click on individual pictures on the front page, it won't let me get into any folders. Nor will it let me get to Stash writer. I want to know if this is a problem everybody is having or if it is just me. If it is just me, do you know how I can get rid of the problem?

Update: Never mind, the problem went away.